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Vokera Zenith Inset

Vokera Zenith Inset

Vokera Zenith Inset
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The Vokera Zenith Inset maximises energy performance even on cloudy days with a high quality build designed to use both direct sunlight and daylight.

Save money and achieve a neat and discreet finish in new build applications with Solar Collectors sitting on the roof therefore requiring less roof tiles.

Maximise energy performance with a greater reflective surface achieved by the single – piece copper absorber plate on an aluminium body. The highly selective finish on the copper absorber plate guarantees exceptional absorber performance.

Optimum performance is achieved when positioned on a south-facing roof at a 35° to 45° angle.

However, a split system can be used where one collector can be placed on the east facing side of the roof and another placed on the west facing side.

The absorption level of heat transfer fluid is increased by the presence of 12 individual copper pipes in the collector creating a larger surface area for the liquid.

As a guide, 1m2 of Solar collector is required per person and up to 6 collectors can be connected in a series.

Maximise the sun’s energy through the pressurised collector system which provides greater flexibility when siting the collector and a faster reaction time to daylight and sunlight.

Heat retention and energy efficiency is maximised through the use of 4cm of rock wool which lines the bottom and walls of the tray.

Energy is increased and corrosion is minimised through low iron oxide content.

The collectors are protected with tempered glass so extreme weather conditions such as hail stones will not be a problem.

Enjoy the benefits of this efficient, reliable and long lasting Solar Thermal System for 20+ years.

Solar Keymark seal of approval.

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