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Vokera Aria

Vokera Aria

Air to Water Heat Pump

Vokera Aria
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The Vokera Aria extracts warmth from ambient air and transfers it to a heat exchanger which heats the central heating and domestic hot water when connected to a water cylinder.

With effective operation in temperatures ranging from -15°c to +25°c you can make incredible savings with Co-efficient of Performance of up to 3.9.

That equates to only €1 of electrical energy input gaining you €4 of heat output.

Enjoy the built-in 3kW immersion for 6.8kW and 8.3kW outputs and a 6kW immersion for 11kW output.

Sited outside the property and suited for both new build and retro applications, quick and simple installation is allowed as the pump is fully integrated with most hydraulic components built in as standard including:

  • circulating pump
  • expansion vessel
  • safety valve
  • pressure gauge
  • buffer tank
  • back-up heater
  • air vent

Enjoy the Vokera Aria for longer with its built in multiple Frost Protection circuits which eliminates the possibility of compressor malfunction so periods of colder weather will not be a problem.

Take advantage of the built in boost function which, when programmed, reduces the heat-up time considerably by enabling the back-up heater to provide a quick start up response.

With convenient functions such as Automatic Adjustment on first start up and a simple to use control panel for operational adjustments and parameter & alarm display, you will be set up and on your way in no time.

Reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels even more by incorporating the Vokera Zenith Solar thermal. Aria is also compatible with all Vokera boilers, which can make up any differential in heat requirement, maximising end user comfort.

Flow Temperatures of +35°c to +50°c means the air source heat pump is ideal for underfloor heating.

Electronically controlled variable speed helical fans ensure that Aria operates at a low 58db noise level.

CFC Free Process

Integral Heat Exchanger Compression and Single Phase for simple installation.

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