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Vokera Verve

Vokera Verve

47kW Domestic System Boiler

Vokera Verve
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Reduce your running costs by up to 35% more than a conventional boiler with this 90.1% energy efficiency rated boiler and help to safeguard the environment.

With a large output, this boiler can be used in large domestic homes or small commercial properties while still maintaining the familiar characteristics of a domestic boiler.

Excellent thermal transfer is provided by a unique aluminium heat exchanger which includes anti-corrosion properties and is fully recyclable.

Eliminate the need to range rate the boiler with built-in automatic modulation and with simple commissioning, only minimal adjustments are required after installation.

Installations made extremely flexible owing to the 80mm twin flue outlet which enables the flue to run up to 20mm and conversions are easily achieved allowing a 60/100mm or 80/125mm concentric flue. Additionally, The Verve weighs in at a respectably light 39kg and measuring 858mm high by 553mm wide by 284mm deep, flexibility is a definite key point.

The Verve can also be converted to LPG with an LPG Kit.

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