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Vokera Mynute VHE

Vokera Mynute VHE

Vokera Mynute VHE
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Save the environment and your cash with a boiler that runs up to 35% cheaper than conventional boilers.

Excellent thermal transfer is provided by a unique aluminium heat exchanger which includes anti-corrosion properties and is fully recyclable.

Increased pump performance and reduced noise through low pressure loss.

Eliminate the need to range rate the boiler with built-in automatic modulation and with simple commissioning, only minimal adjustments are required after installation.

Flexible and easy to install having top and bottom pipe connections and requiring only 1-metre of minimum static head.

Anti-Cycling control prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and wear and tear helping you to save money.

Enjoy maximum energy efficiency by attaching the outside weather compensation control and benefit from built-in thermo-regulation to increase further fuel efficiency.

When external pump is connected directly to the boiler you can protect the appliance from damage during periods of colder weather with Built-in frost protection.

Fit the boiler almost anywhere in your home with versatile, horizontal, vertical or rear flueing options using Vokera’s concentric or twin flue systems.

Mynute VHE is permitted to be used with Vokera’s 80mm PP Flexible flue liner and B23 applications.

Eliminate the risk of pump seizure during periods of inactivity with Pump anti-block and benefit from the built-in purge cycle feature which automatically runs a two minute purge cycle when the boiler is switched on for the first time before the boiler ignites to expel any air present in the system.

The Boiler has a built-in Autostop function which automatically changes the current operating mode and moves it permanently into the standby mode.

Operate and adjust the boiler easily with intuitive control panel.

Compatible with Zenith Solar thermal.

Can be converted to LPG with LPG kit.

HARP ‘A’ Rated.

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