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Vokera Mynute HE

Vokera Mynute HE

Vokera Mynute HE
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Save the environment and your hard-earned money with a boiler that runs up to 35% cheaper than conventional boilers.

Excellent thermal transfer is provided by a unique aluminium heat exchanger which includes anti-corrosion properties and is fully recyclable.

Designed with easy installation in mind.

Eliminate the need to range rate the boiler with built-in automatic modulation and with simple commissioning, only minimal adjustments are required after installation.

Enjoy maximum energy efficiency by attaching the outside weather compensation control and benefit from built-in thermo-regulation to increase further fuel efficiency.

The boiler is protected from damage during periods of colder weather with Built-in frost protection.

Fit the boiler almost anywhere in your home with versatile horizontal or vertical flueing options using Vokera’s concentric or twin flue systems.

The Boiler has a built-in Autostop function which automatically changes the current operating mode and moves it permanently into the standby mode.

Operate and adjust the boiler easily with an integral digital clock/programmer.

Can be converted to LPG with LPG kit.

HARP ‘A’ Rated.

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