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Vokera Compact A

Vokera Compact A

Cost Conscious Solution

Vokera Compact A
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Save the environment and your cash with a boiler that runs up to 35% cheaper than conventional boilers.

Easy-to-use individual hot water and heating controls allow you to operate the boiler as efficiently as possible.

You can increase the boiler’s efficiency by a further 10% when you add an energy saving control to the Compact A so be sure to ask us about our range of energy saving controls such as the RF wireless programmable room thermostat which will allow you to maintain an optimum room temperature.

With the Compact A, you can benefit from great features such as:

  • Anti-Cycling control which prevents energy wasteful on/off cycling and wear and tear helping you to save money.
  • Optional mechanical clock and pipe cover, available as a kit, which provides a more cost effective package.
  • Built-in frost protection which protects the boiler from damage during the colder weather.
  • A hot water survivor function enables the primary thermistor to provide hot water in case the hot water thermistor fails


The Compact A is SEDBUK ‘A’ Rated.

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